Terms and conditions of the association Tittmoninger Castle- and City Guide

Legal status of contractors and contract

The legal relationship between the tour guide[1] and the host or. the client find the guide in the first place, the agreements reached with the tour guide, supplement this placement- and contract conditions, alternatively the statutory provisions governing the employment contract §§ 611 ff. BGB application.

Insofar as binding international or European legal provisions, which are applicable to the contractual relationship, otherwise specified, apply to the entire legal, and contractual relationship with the tour guide exclusively by German law.

The contract for the guided tour between the client, hereinafter referred to as the guest and the tour guide is exclusively to mediation by the Tourist Office of the City Tittmoning, by confirming existence. It requires no specific form; is normally done in writing but. There are the agreements, supplemented by these Terms and Conditions, apply.

Contract, Group Customer

With his written or oral reservation, the guest offers to conclude a service contract pursuant to § 611ff. BGB binding to. The service contract for the guided tour is confirmed in writing by the tourist information of the city Tittmoning concluded.

With written or oral book the guided tour of the guest accepts the terms and conditions for booking guided tours. The GTC is under www.tittmoning-guides.de cost.

If the booking example, by a third party designated as Group Client, Thus, an institution or a company (Private Gruppe, Community College, School class, Club, Bus companies, Tour operators, Incentive- suspect Event Agency, Travel Agency), so the latter as sole principal contractor as part of the mediation order of the tour guide as part of the service contract, unless it explicitly occurs after the agreements as a legal representative of the later participants. The corporate customer shall in this case, the fully liable for payment of the agreed remuneration or any cancellation fees.

Is expressly agreed, that the group client making the booking as a legal representative of the later participants, he shall be directly personally for all obligations of the participants later, insofar as he accepts this obligation by express and separate declaration.

The booking is valid for group programs for the entire group and arising from the booking requirements. The booking is binding, soon as the ordered guidance in writing, per Fax, is by e-mail or verbally confirmed.

Services and replacement of title

Services to be provided by the tour guide consists of the performance of the guided according to the service description and any additional agreements.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, is the performance of the guided not by a specific tour guide owed.

Even in the case of the designation or express agreement to a specific person of the tour guide, it is up to the castle Tittmoninger- and city leaders e.V. Subject, this in the case of a compelling reason preventing (in particular due to illness) to be replaced by other suitable guides.

The scope of the due performance results from the service description and any additional agreements. Information and representations by third parties (particular travel agencies, Establishments, Carriers) the scope of contractual services, which are contrary to the specifications or the agreements made with the tour guide, are not binding on the tour guide.

Changes or additions to the contractually offered services before and during deny the guide with the tour guide with the consent of group representatives in the context of spatial and temporal possibilities.

Changes in key services, deviate from the agreed content of the contract, which become necessary after conclusion of the contract (in particular, changes in the schedule of the tour) and were not caused by the tour guide in bad faith, are allowed, provided that the changes are not substantial and do not affect the overall character of the leadership.
Information on the duration of guides are approximate.

The tours take place in all weather conditions. If necessary, it may be agreed by individual arrangement an alternative.

Maximum number of participants

A minimum number of guides there are not.
The maximum group size for guided tours on foot is 25 People per guide. From 26 Participants will need a second guide. The maximum group size for guided tours by bicycle is 15 People.
From 16 People needed a second guide.

When exceeding the specified maximum group size per additional participant to a surcharge of 4,00 Raised €.

Educational tours for a maximum applies. Number of participants 25 Persons or. a class additionally maximum 2 Companion.

Prices and Payments

The applicable net management fees can under www.tittmoning-guides.de/Führungen be seen. To the extent otherwise agreed thereof another fee with the tour guide or the Tourist Office of the City Tittmoning, has this individual agreement precedence.

The fee is given to the guides in the originally agreed amount in cash against receipt. For each of its guides the collusive fee accrues to separately. After this consultation can also be pre-paid.

Checks and credit cards are not accepted. When currency is only the Euro.

The fees do not include VAT, because the tour guides typically small companies according to § 19 Sales Tax Act operates.

The fee includes all charges.

Entrance fees to museums, Food costs and transportation costs by public or private transport are only included in the agreed price, if they are expressly listed as guided tour services or additionally agreed.

Take a guided tour on request of the client longer than originally agreed, increased the fee by the same amount.

The Invoice when switching several tour guides via the Tourist Information of the city Tittmoning on behalf of the mediated tour guide with all the necessary data. The tour guides expect even from.

Cancellation, Umbestellung, Delays, Non-use of services

Or by the guest. Client may cancel or Umbestellung the guided tour by the day before (16.00 Clock), on Saturday and Sunday to Thursday 16.00 Clock, by prepaid ahead of schedule.
The cancellation / Umbestellung is possible by phone, in writing by fax or via e-mail, t the Tourist- Information der Stadt Tittmoning. The corresponding data are included in the booking confirmation.
In case of late cancellation of the booking, a cancellation fee of 100% asked the guide fee in accordance with the agreed implementation period into account. Except for Force Majeure.

In case of delay of the client group are asked, at least 60 Notify minutes before the tour the tour guide at the specified mobile number or the Tourist Information of the city Tittmoning. The tour guide may leave the meeting half an hour after the agreed time, provided that no further notification is.

In case of delay, short-term temporal or dates change can not be guaranteed, that the guided tour can be carried out in full or. reserves the tour guide before, to shorten the guide accordingly. The tour guide may refuse to postpone the start of the tour, if the delay is objectively impossible or unreasonable, particularly if subsequent guides or other compelling dates of the tour guide can not be met.

If the guest or. the client the agreed services, without this being to the tour guide, wholly or partly in claim, even though the tour guide is ready to provide the service and able, the total amount of the guide will be charged or. There is no entitlement to a refund of payments already made.

Cancellation by the tour guide

The tour guide may terminate the contract without notice in the following cases:

  • with force majeure,
  • if the client or the participant / inside a group of customers the performance of the guided, despite a warning, cause serious disruption or if he violates the contract to such an extent, that the immediate cancellation of the contract is justified,
  • if the guest or client fails to comply with the agreed terms and conditions.

Liability of the tour guide

The tour guide is not liable for services, Acts or omissions of catering establishments, Facilities, Makers of sights or other offers, to be visited as part of the leadership, unless, that an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the tour guide was for the occurrence of the damage caused or causally.

The tour guide is liable only for damages, based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract by the tour guide himself or by his legal representatives or agents. The limitation of liability does not apply to damages resulting from loss of life, body or health, based on a negligent breach of duty by the tour guide or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of the tour guide.

The liability of the tour guide refers exclusively to the fulfillment of the agreed scope and is limited to the amount of insurance cover under the professional indemnity insurance referred to below, and property damage insurance.

In children- and youth guides accepts no duty of supervision of Tourist Guides; Escorts required.

The tour guide is protected by a professional liability insurance and property damage insurance by the Federation of Tourist Guides in Germany BVGD. The professional liability insurance was taken at the Generali Versicherung AG, 81731 Munich. Detailed information about professional liability insurance, please visit www.bvgd.org.

Duty to Cooperate

The Client / Customer is obliged, contribute to the fulfillment of the agreed contract and possibly. Damage or. To avoid interference.
In particular, the guest is obliged or. Group Supervisor, the tour guide in time for the guide to management-related features of the group (z.B. Walking, Seh- and standing disabilities, etc.) to point. If such notice is omitted or. takes place only at the beginning of the guide, is part of the tour guide no responsibility for any. taken the necessary performance constraints.
The guest or. Group Supervisor shall, immediately report any defects to the tour and agreed performance over the tour guide and to demand redress. Any from defective or incomplete performance of the tour guide claims resulting not only accounts for, if this complaint is without fault.

Or to abort. terminate a tour after commencement of the tour or the guest are. the group representative only entitled, if the performance of the tour guide is significantly flawed and these deficiencies are not remedied despite appropriate complaint. In the event of unjustified cancellation or. a dismissal is not entitled to a refund.

Bus tours can be carried out in buses with working microphone and tour guide seat. Otherwise, the guest shall be entitled, refuse the order for continuance of his compensation claim.

Accessibility of local attractions and their special rules

The tour guide will not affect the overall accessibility of museums and public buildings, particular churches on Sundays- and public holidays or. with events taking place.

Photos, Film- and video recordings

Photos, Film- and video recordings of the guide are subject to prior consultation with the respective tour guide allowed.

All tours are property of the respective tour guide and copyrighted. The use of recorded guidance message is therefore inadmissible.


Contractual claims of the guest or. group of principal against the tour guide from injury to life, body or health, including contractual claims for pain and suffering, the negligence on their breach of duty or an intentional or negligent breach of its legal representatives or vicarious agents, expire in three years. This also applies to claims for compensation for other damages, based on a grossly negligent breach of duty by the tour guide or a willful or grossly negligent breach of duty by their legal representatives or vicarious agents.
All other contractual claims expire one year. The limitation period begins at the end of the year, in which the claim arose.

Privacy Policy

The guest or. Group Representative agrees, that the data provided for the settlement of the agreed service or continue the tour guide. be used for customer service the tourist information of the city Tittmoning. This information will not be disclosed to third parties in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act.


The possible invalidity of individual provisions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions or. of the contract total result.


Jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with the tour guide contract is, extent permitted by law, Traunstein.

Entry into force

These Terms and Conditions are effective immediately.

Tittmoning, 01.12.2014

[1] The term refers to guides female and male sex